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XY stage X75Y50 microscope gliding table

XY stage



mechanical microscope XY stage holding and moving the microscope slide by mechanism, It allows for precise movement of the specimen through the field of view, which is that area of specimen visible through the microscope. X-Y axis transitional mechanical microscope stage

micrsocpe mechanical XY stage features

platform 132*152mm
movement distance X75m Y50mm
25mm diameter to fix pole
without slide without clip

microscope stage is the aluminum or iron platform where specimen shown for viewing or examination, usually the specimen on a glass slide and be clipped, is raised or lowered for observation under the microscope. Microscope stages will often include stage clips that will hold the slide in place while the stage is being adjusted up and down or side to side.

Components of the Mechanical XY Stage
Slide holder – the mechanical device that is used for holding the slide in place so that it can be moved with ease from side to side back and forth
Stage opening – part of the mechanical stage that allows light to pass through the specimen for a better view
Stage lock control – the locking control that allows the user to fix the stage into position with respect to its rotation around the condenser axis
Graduated locator markings – graduations are positioned on the portion of the mechanical stage so as to allow the user to be able to note the location of significant specimen details. In this case, the user can easily return to the area for more observation – xy translational control

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