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video measuring machine dimension measurement instruments X30Y20

manual video image measuring machine
dimension measurement instruments
move distance X30Y20 axis

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video measuring machine dimension measurement instruments characteristics:

what is this measuring machine,The instrument machine can detect the contour and surface shape of various complex workpieces efficiently, such as sample plate, stamping part, cam, screw spinning, gear, forming milling cutter and other tools, tools and parts, as well as terminals, clocks, and metallisks.
It is widely used in machinery, mould, instrument, electronics, light industry and other industries, and is an indispensable measuring and verification equipment in the measuring room and production workshop.
Instrument measurement accuracy: (3+l/200)μm
Resolution of X,Y coordinate: 1μm
Data processing system: multi-functional data processing system. Full English display can be used for multi-point sampling, coordinate rotation, point, line, distance, angle detection RS-232 data output, which can be directly imported into CAD.

video measuring machine Specification
model DX3020
Actual measurement size 300*200*180(mm)
measurement accuracy (3+L/200)μm
Overall dimension (mm) 660*560*960
Total weight 180kg
video measuring machine
video measuring machine

manual Video Measuring machine System

widely used in machinery, electronics, aerospace, automotive, military, mould, and other industries for precision measurement.
1. It can measure point, line, circle, arc and oval, rectangular and improve the accuracy with the multi-point positioning function.
2. In metrology terms, the machine can test and dimension width, length, height, thickness, diameter, angel, straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, circular degree, coaxiality, etc.
3. Combination of measurements, center structure and the intersection of structure, the midpoint of construction, line structure, a round structure and structural point of view.

video measuring machine Basic functions listed

Image self correction function
Automatic edge finding and measurement function
Automatic recognition – frame selection recognition – point selection automatic measurement function
Multi function fitting construction measurement function
1. it can measure the distance from various points and lines to circles to circles
2. fitting new elements through other elements, such as: line segments, circles, arcs, etc. are synthesized by other multi-point fitting
3. establish a single line or circle element according to the requirements
Behavior tolerance measurement function
Various report generation function areas, support word, excel PDF and other reports and AutoCAD import and export functions
Powerful SPC quality control function

video measuring machine
image measuring machine
diamension measuring instrument
measuring machine device
video measuring machine 3D series

(can be selected according to the product of the guest)
– function introduction
1: It has all functions of 2D optical measuring instrument!
2: combined with MCP probe, it can complete multiple functions of CMM!
3Fast edge tracking system, fast completion of the work of plane reading!
4: combined with CAD strength, more functions can be realized through this platform!
5: the scanning function of large area plane graphics can quickly complete JPG image mode. It is called map function in other software!
70% functions in three coordinates are as follows:
Cylindrical outer diameter cylindrical inner diameter conical top angle included angle between two sides hole edge distance,Flatness of distance between centers of two circular holes
Ball diameter straightness width
Coaxiality perpendicularity distance
Cylindricity parallelism R angle
Roundness height

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