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track stand with focus rack coarse focus tension knob

FM76TC coarse focusing knob
with track stand pillar



Microscope stand designed to support microscope body, Microscope stand with characteristics of large lifting range and flexible operation. During the observation process, it can tilt and change various angles, greatly expanding the working space such as industrial assembly and inspection production lines,microscope bracket types boom stand ar post stand bracket stand articulated stand pole stand

vertical track stand Focus mount without base microscope accessories
stereo microscope focusing rack bracket holder
Ball bearing focus system
Focusing Bracket Diameter 76MM mount microscope body For track stand
focus mount track stand features

1. Industry focus arm
2. With bind institution of industry.
3. Plane focus arm,Focused by rack and pinion w/ball bearing guide.
4. To view objective in vertical angle.

pdf Track stand with coarse tension knob

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