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stereo zoom microscope binocular scopes boom stand up and down led illumination top bottom led light

SZM7045-B2 stere zoom microscope
boom stand with led illumination

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stereo zoom microscope with up and down illumination top and bottom light

the zoom microscope optical structure of common primary objective lens. The two beams after imaging the object are separated by two sets of intermediate objective lenses-the zoom lens, form an integrated viewing angle and pass through their respective eyepieces For imaging,its magnification change is obtained by changing the distance between the intermediate lens groups.

stereo zoom microscope up and down led illumination

with top and bottom light. upper and lower light microscope.

stereo zoom microscope specification

Magnification::7x-45x,optional eyepiece or auxiliary objective can make magnification to 3.5x-180x
Objective::7x-4.5x zoom objective,zoom ratio:6.4:1,ensure image surface parfocality
viewing head:45°inclined,360°rotate,interpupillary distance:54-76mm,diopter adjusting range±6

What is microscope
microscope power magnification
binocular microscope B2
binocular microscope B2
zoom knob
zoom knob
stereo zoom microscope table type stand

eyepiece:.10X/22mm,large sight,wild field,high point,50%/50% spectral
optional eyepiece:10X/20mm,15X/15mm,20X/10mm (objecmicrometer is available)
working distance:100mm,auxiliary objective can make it to 30mm-165mm
auxiliary objective:0.5X/165mm, 1.5X/45mm, 2X/30mm, for option
focus arm:adjustable,lift range:50mm
miroscope stand
Vertical Post:240mm
Transmission light source 12v/15w Halogen lamp,Brightness independent adjustable base 12v/15 halogen lamp(7w fluorescent lamps optional)
With φ95mm B/W Plastic & Perspex Plate and Paired Clips
Base Size:200x255x60mm
With 7632mm Focusing Mount

stereo zoom microscope application
1.1 Suitable for electronic circuit boards, chip packaging, jewelry identification, analysis;
1.2 micro-precision quality control, assembly, public security, bank trace comparison;
1.3 teaching demonstration, clinical surgery samples, textile inspection,;
1.4 agricultural selection, breeding industry selection Pathological analysis.

Upper and lower light source
Upper and lower light source
pdf stereo zoom microscope with up down led illumination

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