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Stereo microscope zoom magnification boom stand single arm for precision observing

SZM7045-STL1 zoom stereo microscope
Binocular eyepiece

SKU: SZM7045-STL1 BINO Category: Zoom microscope


Stereo microscope zoom magnification boom stand single arm
stereo zoom microscope
the zoom-stereo microscope optical structure of common primary objective lens. The two beams after imaging the object are separated by two sets of intermediate objective lenses-the zoom lens, and they form an integrated viewing angle and pass through their respective eyepieces For imaging, its magnification change is obtained by changing the distance between the intermediate lens groups.

Magnification: 7X-45X, 3.5X-270X with optional eyepieces and objectives
Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm high-eyepoint, wide-field; Convenient for observers wearing glasses
Optional Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm, WF15X/15mm, WF20X/10mm, WF25X/9mm, WF30X/8mm
Main Body: Binocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, can be locked in any position
Interpupillary Distance adjustment:54-76mm; Diopter adjustment:±5 diopters
Objective 0.7X-4.5X stereo zoom; Zoom Ratio:6.4:1
Aux Lens 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.7X, 0.75X, 1.5X, 2X
Focusing Mount: 76mm 32mm Focus holder
Stand: Vertical Post 380mm Diameter 32mm Horizontal moving, base size 235mm230x230x40mm

Zoom stereo microscope Wide range of Applicable industries and fields
During the maintenance process, check the fly line, cable, components, tin column welding and so on.
As research and dissection tools in zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology, etc., agricultural selection
Inspection, assembly and repair of small precision parts such as instruments, meters and electronics industries.
Check raw materials and cotton wool fabrics in textile industry such as cloth, silk, dust-free cloth and so on.
Inlays and identification of jewelry, gemstones, jewelry, etc.
Check the surface of various materials such as crack formation, stomatal shape and corrosion.
A device used as a machine tool for making small precision parts, for observing working processes, for inspecting precision parts, and for assembling work.
Identification and appreciation of the authenticity of documents, stamps and banknotes.
Micro carving technology for small articles such as stone, jade, handicraft and so on.

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