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Stereo microscope binocular boom stand single arm

ST6024-STL1 stereo microscope
boom stand single arm

SKU: ST6024-STL1 Category: Stereo microscope


Stereo microscope binocular boom stand single arm
stereo microscope is an optical microscope that provides a three-dimensional view of a specimen. It is also known by other names such as dissecting microscope and stereo zoom microscope. Dissecting microscope parts include separate objective lenses and eyepieces. As a result, you have two separate optical paths for each eye. The slightly different angling views to the left and right eyes produce a three-dimensional visual. Because it gives the three-dimensional view it is also called as the dissecting microscope.
Magnification: 20X-40X, 10X-80X with optional eyepieces and objectives
Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm high-eyepoint, wide-field; Convenient for observers wearing glasses
Optional Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm, WF15X/15mm, WF20X/10mm
Main Body:
Binocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, can be locked in any position desired
Interpupillary Distance adjustment:54-76mm; Diopter adjustment:±5 diopters
Objective: 2X/4X, 1X/3X, 1X/2X
Boom Stand
Expand the scope of operation and observe the object in any direction
Vertical Post:380mm
Horizontal moving:235mm
Base Size:230x230x40mm
Suitable focusing block 76mm32mm Focusing Mount focus rack

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dual power stereo microscope has two set magnifications. The built-in objective lens provides two magnifications that are multiplied by the eyepieces.For example, if the dual power stereo microscope has a 1x and 3x objective lens built into it, when using 10x eyepieces the total magnification is 10x and 30x. With dual power stereo microscopes the only way to change the magnification is by purchasing a different pair of stereo microscope eyepieces, such as 5x or 20x.

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