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Stereo microscope arculating arm with clamp arculated arm stand

ST6024-STL6A Stereo microscope
arculating arm with clamp
arculated arm stand

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Stereo microscope arculating arm with clamp arculated arm stand

stereo zoom microscope parts include separate objective lenses and eyepieces you have two separate optical paths for each eye.
The slightly different angling views to the left and right eyes produce a three-dimensional visual.
Because it gives the three-dimensional view it is also called as the dissecting microscope.

Stereo microscope arculating arm Characteristics

Two separate objectives;
Two separate optical paths;
Uses the light reflected from the object;
Typical magnification range between 10x and 50x;
Three-dimensional images;
Magnification: 20X-40X, 10X-80X with optional eyepieces and objectives;
Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm high-eyepoint, wide-field; Convenient for observers wearing glasses;
Optional Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm, WF15X/15mm, WF20X/10mm;

Main Body:
Binocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, can be locked in any position desired;
Interpupillary Distance adjustment:54-76mm; Diopter adjustment:±5 diopters;
Objective: 2X/4X, 1X/3X, 1X/2X;

Stereo microscope arculating arm Stand with C-clamp

Expand the scope of operation and observe the object in any direction;
Vertical Post:400mm;
Horizontal moving:770mm;
Base Size:98x80x116mm;
Max Clamping Size:50mm;
Focusing Mount 7616E focus rack bracket;

Universal Adjustable Direction Articulating Clamp Holder Bracket Arm 76mm Microscope Stand
arculated arm of microscope stand
arculated arm of microscope stand

Articulated Arm Stands

Perfect for use in a cramped limited work area,
provides easy positioning of medium duty stereo microscopes through all three dimensions and can “fold” up against the wall when not in use.
An additional space-saving advantage for this system is that the support arm requires no back space.
The stereo microscope mounting is simple via the industry stereo microscope focus mounts.
The base mounting options include a weighted base, a rugged table clamp, a wall mount;

Articulated bracket Features

Articulating arm with easy positioning in all three dimensions;
precision ground, stainless steel vertical pole;
Anti-corrosion surfaces of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, plated steel and catalyzed epoxy;
tall vertical pole standard, custom lengths available;
horizontal extension;
standard stereo microscope focus mounts;
Adapters available for current and legacy non-bonder stereo microscope focus mounts;

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