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Solid crosshair optic glass for eyepiece graticule reticle dual axis crosslines

NE8 width0.02mm
NE81 width0.04mm
NE82 width0.005mm
NE56 broken crossline
(dash cross line)



Eyepiece reticle crossed lines graticule microscope micrometer
NE8NE81NE82 crossed Line microscope rectile graticule

Key Features Eyepiece Reticle with horizontal and vertical crossline
Description Nominal line line extends to the full width of the reticle.
Measurement in two directions and for sighting and aligment ,For measurement of large objectis in conjunction with graduated mechanical stage, and for aligment, image covers entire field of view

Diameter: 16mm19mm20.4mm21mm23mm24mm25mm26mm27mm and special
Material: Optical Glass
Line width 0.02 mm0.04mm0.05mm
Suit Microscope: biological microscope or stereo microscope

Custom Patterns:
If you need something different from the patterns in this catalogue there is no problem, we have a very cost-effective
custom reticle facility that is able to make the exact pattern you require.

Eyepiece scale reticle scross line measure micrometer
The reticle is usually installed on the right eyepiece focal plane of the telescope. It is a thin surface of a polar surface that engraved the thin glass. The thin glass also participates in the imaging in theory, prolongs the focal length of the objective lens, and will have more or less influence on the length of the right eyepiece.

Verifiable resolution and optical transfer function

Reticle high requirements for cleanliness, any tiny dust could have large black spots in the observation, and the precision of the installation position of the reticle is extremely demanding, therefore, do not try to disassemble, if removed, must follow the original restoration.

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