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microscope upper light top lighting focus bracket mount

microscope top light

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microscope upper light top lighting focus bracket mount

Bright white LED bulb ring light for microscopes light. The led ring light with 60mm or 70mm inner diameter,with 110-240v power adapter. With variable intensity intense and focused shadow-free illumination for stereo microscopes. high luminance and brightness adjustable, special design for stereo microscopes .Advantage: energy saving, brightness adjustable, shadow free illumination.

microscope upper light top lighting for stereo microscope

Light source: LED light emitting diode
Input voltage: AC90V-260V
Output voltage: DC12V
Output power: 3W
Illuminance: 30000LUX-35000LUX
Color temperature: 6500K-7000K
Brightness adjustment: dimmable
Light color: White / warm white
Product life: 30000HRS
Power box material: plastic
Color of the product shell: Black
Lamp part material: aluminum alloy
LED number: 28PCS
Outer diameter 50mm
Inner diameter 40mm
Mount: two arm fixed on focus bracket
Mounting on pole with diameter 25mm or 32mm

microscope upper light top lighting Features

1 the light angle can be adjusted
2 luminance can be adjusted
3 the light slanting from the rear does not occupy the operating space.
Welding or miniature sculpture,microscopic carving

Microscope light pillar mount
microscope upper light mounted on focus mount
microscope upper light
microscope top light at focus arm

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pdf oblique slanting led light for industry stereo microscope lighting

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