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microscope top light led upper light

YK-F54 microscope top light
upper light microscope spar parts
the light angle can be adjusted
lighting from top to stage
with transmitted illumination

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microscope top light  

Light source: LED light emitting diode;
input voltage: DC5V;
Output power: 3W;
Illuminance: 30000LUX-35000LUX;
Color temperature: 6500K-7000K;
Light color: White / warm white;
Product life: 30000HRS;
Lamp part material: aluminum alloy;
LED number: 1PCS;
Outer diameter 54mm;
Body Length 46mm;
Mount: two arm mounting focus bracket;

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microscope parts upper light Features

1 the light angle can be adjusted;
2 luminance can be adjusted;
3 the light slanting from the rear does not occupy the operating space;

microscope top light Application

– microscope illumination illuminator;
– Measuring and observing and testing instruments;
– Viewing and observing instruments and accessories;
– medical ecological photography lighting,machine vision;
-Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment;.

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