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microscope stand focus rack 76mm with stage clips track stand

CHS7 microscope stand
95mm plate
2 clip
dual light



Microscope stand designed to support microscope body, Microscope stand with characteristics of large lifting range and flexible operation. During the observation process, it can tilt and change various angles, greatly expanding the working space such as industrial assembly and inspection production lines,microscope bracket types boom stand ar post stand bracket stand articulated stand pole stand

CHS7 Track Stand
Vertical Height:300mm
Mounting Size:φ76mm
Focusing Distance:104mm
With φ125mm B/W Plastic & Perspex Plate and Paired Clips
Base Size:300x295x55mm

Track Stand
stereo microscope track stand can be used in most kinds of Stereo Microscope
Throughout the focusing range, the track stand moves up and down along the guide rail through
the focusing mechanism to achieve the purpose of focusing the microscope. This kind of
structure is relatively stable, and the microscope is always kept moving up and down vertically
along a central axis. When the focus is adjusted, it is not easy to shake, and there is no free
sliding phenomenon. It is a relatively common and safe and reliable accessory.
The size of the stand is generally small, flexible and convenient, and most of them are placed on
the table for use, Therefore, together with the post stand, it is also called “desktop or table top
stand”.With regard to the height of the stand, most manufacturers usually do not make it very high. If the guide rail is long, it is easy to deform, and relatively more difficult .

pdf microscope stand with focus mount 76mm stage clips

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