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Microscope lighting 60mm stereo microscope led lighting


SKU: YKS48AWH48LEDWH Category: microscope led light Tag: microscope lighting


Microscope lighting 60mm stereo microscope led lighting, The led ring light with 60mm or 70mm inner diameter, with 110-240v power adapter. With variable intensity intense and focused shadow-free illumination for stereo microscopes. high luminance and brightness adjustable, special design for stereo microscopes .Advantage: energy saving, brightness adjustable, shadow free illumination application for Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment

Microscope lighting

Item # YK-S48A
Light source: LED
Input voltage: ac90v-240v
Maximum output power: 4.5w
Working distance: 40-160mm
Max illumination: 30000lux-35000lux
Color temperature: 6500k-7000k
Brightness: adjustment range
color: normal white / warm white
Product life: > 30000hrs
Power box material: plastic
body color: white/ black
Product shape: Integrated
Product inner diameter: 61mm
Maximum outer diameter: 96mm
Number of LEDs: 48pcs

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