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microscope led light WR63HW stereo microscope ring light

microscope led light
Item # WR63HW
ID 63mm

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microscope led light WR63HW stereo microscope ring light
stereo microscopes led light. The LED brightness is adjustable and soft without flicker and good consistency. this ring light equipped with three screws in the interface port to connect microscope objectives of different diameters. Microscope LED illumination provides cool, natural color light for a various incident light applications.

microscope led light WR63HW

Item# WR63HW
Led bulb 56pcs
Inner diameter 63mm
Wattage 4.5W
Voltage output DC12V
Voltage input AC90-240V
Work distance 40-160MM
Color temperature 6500-7000K
Brightness adjustment range 0-100%
Body color: white/black
Lightness color white/custom
Life 3000hours and more

microsocpe light led light source,contact us for more details.

pdf WR63HW stereo microscope ring light

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