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Magnifying Lamp clamp desk base Magnifier LED Light

CHN37B5X Magnifying Lamp
USB power input
5X magnification

Category: Magnifying lamp


Magnifying Lamp clamp desk base Magnifier LED Light
magnifying lamp combined magnification and illumination, the magnification selected according to different requirements, Magnified led light adjusted the angle by extendable long arm and foldable, flexible swing arm.suitable for close work: circuit board inspection, engraving and observation, electronic industry.

magnifying lamp clamp base Specifications´╝Ü

Input voltage: DC5v 2A (USB power input)
Rated consumption: 10w
Light source: LEDs
Light colors: White, Warm White, Yellow
Lightness: White
Body color: Black/white
Material: Aluminum alloy+ABS
Ring led lamp outer diameter 160mm
Ring led lamp inner diameter 110mm
Cable length: 1.2 meters / 47.2inches
Base C-clamp.


Magnifying lamp application
1 suitable for engraving, fine operation and observation.
2 suitable for simple surgical operation. Enlarge the lighting for beautician and medical staff
3 suitable for circuit board inspection, processing, installation at electronics industry.

magnifier  lamp,magnifiying lamp G clamp.

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