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lens eyepice WF20X wide field magnifincation 20

WF20X for stereo microscope



lens eyepice WF20X wide field magnifincation 20
Wide Field WF20X Eyepiece for Stereo Microscope with Rubber Eye Cups
Mounting Size 30.5 mm Field of View 10 mm

Material:optical glass + metal
With the rubber eye guards cups
Magnification: WF20X
Field of View: 10mm
Mounting Size (in diameter): 30.5 mm or 30mm
Suit Microscope: stereo microscope
Features: wide field, optical lens

An eyepiece, or ocular lens, is a type of lens that is attached to a variety of optical devices such as telescopes and microscopes. It is so named because it is usually the lens that is closest to the eye when someone looks through the device. The objective lens or mirror collects light and brings it to focus creating an image.

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