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gooseneck microscope led light 6032

microscope side lighting
YK-G6032 gooseneck led light

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gooseneck microscope led light 6032

Adjustable Ring Light Side Light Microscopes illuminator lamp For Industry Microscope.

gooseneck microscope led light features

The 110V-220V 60LED ring light is designed especially for stereo microscope, and is an excellent companion to various kinds of microscopes and camera. It can offer an optimum amount of lights to the microscope or camera when additional light sources are required or there was not enough light! Inspection and quality control is no longer a problem to view surface defects and overcome the visibility problems related. It can also used as light source for cameras to focus while hunting viewing in dark places or areas.

gooseneck microscope led light 6032

Input voltage: AC90V-240V
Output voltage: DC12V
Maximum output power: 3.5W
Working distance: 40-160MM
Maximum illumination: 30000LUX-35000LUX
Color temperature: 6500K-7000K
Brightness adjustment range: 0-100% adjustable
Ring led light inner diameter: 61MM
Ring led light outer diameter: 94MM
LED number: 56pcs/60PCS.

gooseneck microscope led light details 60mm 32mm
gooseneck connect ring mount
inner diameter 32mm/25mm for pole
led light 60mm diameter.

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