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Focus holder Focusing bracket rack 76mm 32mm focusing block with tension knob

Focus holder



Focus holder Focusing bracket rack 76mm 32mm

Focus mount set up the correct distance between the lens of the stereo microscope body and the top of your sample, adjusted by Coarse and (or) fine mechanism knob and tension adjustment.Other name focus mount, focus bracket, focus rack, focus block,focusing holder,etc.

Focus holder Focusing bracket rack 76mm 32mm

stereo microscope focusing rack bracket holder.
Ball bearing focus system.
Focusing Bracket Diameter 76MM mount microscope body.
Column Hole Diameter 32MM for pillar post.


1. Industry focus arm.
2. With bind institution of industry.
3. Plane focus arm,Focused by rack and pinion w/ball bearing guide.
4. To view objective in any angle.

Coarse adjustment:
moves the stage up or down to quickly view the object in focus,with the coarse adjustment knobs.

pdf FR7632 focus block rack focus mount

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