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focus bracket camera lens holder industry microscope focus mount 50mm 25mm

FR5025 focus bracket



focus bracket 50mm 25mm

Focus mount set up the correct distance between the lens of the stereo microscope body and the top of your sample,adjusted by Coarse and (or) fine mechanism knob and tension adjustment.Other name focus mount, focusing bracket, focus rack, focus block,focus holder,etc.

Industrial Monocular Microscope Camera Lens focus bracket 50mm Adjustment Knob Bracket

Installation dimension (pole end): 25mm
Installation dimension (lens end): 50mm
Suitable for most brand microscope.

coarse adjustment focus rack
loaded a new specimen and slide you need to make sure you have the lowest power objective engaged and the stage at its lowest position and use the coarse adjustment knob first to quickly get the specimen in focus.

pdf FR5025 focus mount

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