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eyepiece scale reticle graticule micrometer measure specimen

NE1 X10mm100div
NE2 Y10mm100div
NE5 X5mm100div
NE20 X1″100div
NE28 X1mm100div
NE31 X0.5″100div
NE41 X10mm100div
NE120 X20mm200div



Eyepiece scale  reticle with horizontal scale
Eyepiece scale  reticle with veritcal scale

Horizontal micrometer overall length: 20mm10mm5mm1mm 0.1inch0.5inch
Divisions: 200div100div
Measuring length of specimen or distance between points on a variety of different shaped objects

Eyepiece Measurement Reticles and Stage Micrometers:
Allow accurate measurements with compound and stereo microscopes when properly calibrated with a stage micrometer. Stereozoom models with detent stops at different magnifications are recommended for consistent measurements using a zoom microscope.

scale length DIV QTY DIV each Diameter Note
10mm 100div 0.01mm D19/20/21/22/23/24mm
10mm 200div 0.05mm
5mm 100div 0.05mm
16mm 200div 0.08mm

The reticle is usually installed on the right eyepiece focal plane of the telescope. It is a thin surface of a polar surface that engraved the thin glass. The thin glass also participates in the imaging in theory, prolongs the focal length of the objective lens, and will have more or less influence on the length of the right eyepiece.
Verifiable resolution and optical transfer function
Reticle high requirements for cleanliness, any tiny dust could have large black spots in the observation, and the precision of the installation position of the reticle is extremely demanding, therefore, do not try to disassemble, if removed, must follow the original restoration.

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