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ESD magnifier lamp LED lighting 3D black

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection
conductive body



ESD magnifying lamp LED light 3D black
Zoom: 3 diopter/5 diopter
Lens Diameter: 127 mm
Lighting: LED 6000K

surface resistance
surface resistance

body Color: black conductive
Surface resistance: Rs = <10*11 Ω.
Supplied with a tablecloth for fastening to the table.

ESD magnifier lamp LED lighting application

ESD Magnifying Lamp is used in electronic industry.examinationand maintenance purposes,
SMT Assembly Workshop, Soldering Workshop, PCB ▪Inspection, PCB Repair,etc.
Processed with antistatic material, so electrostatic prevented

ESD Electro Static Discharge, conductive static-electricity.

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