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cable ties Nylon 66 self locking wire tie plastic zip tie bundle strap

self locking serials



Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties
Material: Nylon 66
Structure: Self locking head
Color:White/black/nature standard color, other colors on request
Working temperature:Applied from -35℃ to 85℃
Length:All lengths are available
Feature:Flame-retardant(94V-2), heat-resistant

Installation steps:
First, the cable is bundled in the nylon cable tie;
Next,the tail of the nylon cable tie is clamped by the tool;
Finally, tighten with tool

Used to bundle cables, wires, conducts, plants or other things in the industry of electrical & electronic, lighting, hardware, pharmaceutical, chemical, computer, machinery, agriculture, etc.
pdf nylon cable ties self locking wire tie

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