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c-mount camera adapter 1inch 25.4mm

cameral adapter
standard 25.4mm



c-mount camera adapter 1inch 25.4mm

microscope digital cameras with c-mount. 1″ (25.4mm) ,camera adapter connect a microscope camera and microscope trinocular port. A c-mount adapter has a standard 1″ (or 25mm) diameter male thread.

c-mount camera adapter character

C-mount adapters are supplied with or without optics. The purpose of the optics is to match the c-mount adapter with the size of the sensor within the digital camera in order to maximize the field of view. standard 25.4 mm C-mount,C-Mount adapter is a part that connects a camera to microscope

microscope C-mount adapter
1/3X adapter
microscope C-mount adapter
1/2X adapter
microscope C-mount adapter
1X adapter

c-mount camera adapter 1inch 25.4mm

Stereo Microscope 1/2CTV 1/3CTV, CCD/CMOS Camera Interface
Application: This Interface can restore the image optical magnification times.
Diameter: M28*75
One end of the interface is microscope interface thread, The other end is C interface suitable for all international standard
Interface camera.
The interface is with High-definition optical coating lens

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