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80mm diameter microscope led light stereo spare part lighting lamp

YK-D80 lighting lamp
microscope spare parts


80mm diameter microscope led light
microscope led light Bright white LED bulb ring light for microscopes light.with 60mm or 70mm inner diameter,with 110-240v power adapter. shadow-free illumination and brightness adjustable,shadow free illumination.;

80mm diameter microscope led light

Large internal diameter 81MM,
Outside diameter 94MM
Power Input voltage: 90V-264V
Output voltage: DC12V
Power: 8W LED light tube using 156LED chips.;

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led ring light Product Features:
1 Ring LED microscope lighting with high brightness,compact appearance, easy installation.
2 LED microscope ring light lighting brightness can be adjusted, is stereo microscope, monocular video microscopes and other optical instruments with the ideal source.
3. lamp shell, anti-aging, flame retardant.;

microscope with led light
microscope with led light

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