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7X45X zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece boom stand stage plate clips

stereo zoom microscope
boom stand
95mm plate
double clips

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7X45X zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece boom stand stage plate clips

stereo microscope is an optical microscope that provides a three-dimensional view of a specimen. It is also known by other names such as dissecting microscope and stereo zoom microscope. Dissecting microscope parts include separate objective lenses and eyepieces. As a result, you have two separate optical paths for each eye. The slightly different angling views to the left and right eyes produce a three-dimensional visual. Because it gives the three-dimensional view it is also called as the dissecting microscope.

7X45X zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece boom stand stage plate clips

High eye point wide field view HWF10X/20mm
High eye point wide field view HWF20X/10mm
Zoom objective  0.7X-4.5X
Viewing head: binocular view head, tilt 45degree,rotation 360degree, Pupil distance 54-76mm adjustable, Bilateral visibility adjustment/diopter regulation
Work distance: 100mm
Auxiliary lens: 0.5X/165MM, 1.5X/45MM, 2X/30MM
Focus bracket: focusing knob
Base: 380*250*22mm.

zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece

the chutong zoom-stereo microscope optical structure of common primary objective lens. The two beams after imaging the object are separated by two sets of intermediate objective lenses-the zoom lens, and they form an integrated viewing angle and pass through their respective eyepieces For imaging, its magnification change is obtained by changing the distance between the intermediate lens groups.

Main parts list:

Binocular microscope body
Binocular microscope body
Focus holder 72mm 32mm
Focus holder Focusing bracket rack 76mm 32mm
microscope stand
boom stand microscope stand
zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece stereo zoom microscope Features

1. the imaging has a three-dimensional;
2. The image is upright, easy to operate and dissect, because the prism under the eyepiece turns the image upside down;
3. After adding an additional lens in front of the objective lens, the working distance can reach 200mm;
4. The focal depth is large, which is convenient for observing the whole layer of the object under inspection. At low magnification, the focal depth can reach 5.6mm;
5. Large field diameter, up to about 65.7mm at low magnification.

zoom stereo microscope binocular eyepiece application
Suitable for electronic circuit boards, chip packaging, jewelry identification, research phase analysis, micro-precision quality control, assembly, public security, bank trace comparison, teaching demonstration, clinical surgery samples, agricultural selection, textile inspection, breeding industry selection Pathological analysis.

pdf stereo microscope binocular boom stand

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