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144 LED Microscope Ring Light with Adapter 60mm diameter

YK-L144T with 144LED
labratory ring light
measure and test equipment

SKU: YKL144TWH Category: microscope led light


144 LED Microscope Ring Light with Adapter 60mm diameter. The LED brightness is adjustable and soft without flicker and good consistency. This Microscope Ring Light is equipped with three screws in the interface port to connect microscope objectives of different diameters. The available voltage of this kit is from AC85 to AC260V. It is an ideal durable cool light source for microscopes.

YK-L144T Microscope Ring Light
Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment illumination Microscope Ring Light
Outer diameter:98mm
Inner diameter: 61mm
Input voltage:90V-264V
Output voltage:DC12V
Brightness adjust:0-100%
Working distance:40-250mm
Quantity of LED:144PCS
Brightness:20000Lux at height of 100mm
Color of light:6400K

Microscope Ring Lightsource Specific advantages

1, Microscope Ring Light for pure DC power supply, no stroboscopic, not easy to cause eye fatigue, nor to the working area other devices (such as oscilloscope) produce harmonic interference.
2, uniform illumination: LED shadowless lamp is 360 degrees in the uniform illumination of observed objects, no shadow, high definition.
3, long life: LED shadowless lamp because of low calorific value (no heat radiation), power consumption small (low voltage, low current start) the average life expectancy of more than 35000 hours, far greater than circular energy saving lamp 1500-2500 hours, life is more than ten times of that of an energy-saving lamps.
4, eliminate hidden dangers: most of the annular lamp operating voltage for AC 110V or 220V AC, using burnt by improper power supply and the lamp tube phenomenon not uncommon due to, led shadowless lamp use broadband 100- 240V AC switching power supply.
5, safety and environmental protection: a ring fluorescent lamp than the shock resistance, impact resistance is not easy to break, waste recycling, no mercury pollution, is the real environmental protection products.
6, adjustable brightness: with special brightness controller (no need to purchase the other) operator can be freely adjusted according to their adaptability to the luminance brightness, so as to achieve the most ideal comfort, the eyes of work for a long time is not easy to produce fatigue.
7, Microscope Ring Light with inner diameter 60mm70mm80mm, to matching various microscope bodies in different sizes
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