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10inch selfie ring light for live streaming youtube vlogging

10inch selfie light



Selfie ring light features:
Ring light circular shape for live streaming,Lightness from multi angles make the streamer looks much more professional,the lighting plays a huge role in the quality of the streaming,reduce dark shadows face and whole body outlined and highlighted

Selfie light take a selfie yourself
In the past when you had to ask a friend or even a stranger to snap that perfect photo of you. And now it is easy and convinient to snap a definitely lovely selfie photograph these days. The key point challenge is keep enough ideal lighting conditions with our selfie ring light in any circumstance

Enough brightness supplement lighting for streamer vlogger
Selfie ring light illuminates the area around you,especially the circumstance is not bright can use it both indoor and ourdoor with different styles and portable, adjust brightness and adjust lightness color temperature.

Selfie ring light base:clip and free stand for live streaming
Selfie ring lights clamp base to clip onto your phone,this type compact and easy to carry, so it is ideal for selfie taking when traveling
Selfie ring lght with freestand,, those stand with tripod can hold larger ring light and smartphone leave our hand free,adjust brightness and towards which direction you want.

Selfie ring light power
With battery/USB rechargeable/AC adaptor

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specification of selfie ring light

smartphones have made everyone’s life easier. From the internet, even wireless connections are now an essential part of an active working life. Except Social networks, share the pictures or videos from a place where you can travel, chat, and meet without leaving your home, and where photographs, and videos are the works of art, and communication of the vloggers.our light makes you more professional.
pdf Unit 10inch led light with stand

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