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Magnifying lamp

magnifying lamp combined magnification and led light adjusted the angle by extendable swing arm. led magnifier suitable for close work.Available body color in Black and White.

The lens head can rotate left and right with 360 degrees and flip up and down 180 degrees.Soft cool bulb for natural color and shadow-free magnification.Power on and off switch.Articulated arm ,no visible springs, Hydraulic look.Conveniently adjustable height and arm for magnification in any position.perfect lighting for drawing/reading/arts/crafts/sewing/ needlework/working and studying.

Magnifications available
3 Diopter = Magnification of x1.75 (items appear 175% bigger)
5 Diopter = Magnification of x2.25 (items appear 225% bigger)
8 Diopter = Magnification of x3.00 (items appear 300% bigger)

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