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microscope stage is the aluminum or iron platform where specimen shown for viewing examination, usually the specimen on a glass slide and be clipped, is raised or lowered for observation under the microscope. Microscope stage will often include stage clips that will hold the slide in place while the stage is being adjusted up and down or side to side.

Simple microscope Stage
Visually the easiest way to identify a simple stage is by the stage clips which are usually spring loaded and just lift and hold a slide in place. If the slide needs to be adjusted it must be manually done by the observer’s fingers pushing the slide up, down, or side to side while still clipped.

Mechanical microscope Stage

The mechanical stage is so named because slide movements are controlled by a mechanical system mounted to the stage. The mechanical stage clamps, instead of clips, onto the slide and movement along the X (side to side) and Y (up and down) axis of the stage is controlled by knobs that can more precisely move the slide into position.

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