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magnifying lamp allows the light to shine on the object you are working on,
as well as make the object bigger so you can see the little details

Industrial Magnifying Lamp with Articulating arm LED light source 12W
127 mm magnifier diameter with harmonious LED ring lighting,crystal glass lens (incl. protective cap) with 3 diopters magnification,articulated arm with integrated cable guide and 700 mm working radius,magnifier head tilts 90° and swivels 360°,clamp base for table thicknesses up to 60 mm, Optional Mount: Clamp, table base, floor stand, wall bracket, etc
Available for inspection on electronic circuit board, laboratory inspection, it is Perfect Magnifying Lamp for Work or Hobbies
this lamp boasts 5 inch diameter lens that will bring hard to see details into clear, sharp focus.
Magnifier and lamp combination,On/off switch

magnifying lamp Suitable for domestic, industrial, medical and professional use.
The lenses coated optics to provide exceptionally high, crisp and bright image quality.
Fixed lens or Interchangeable Lens
lens can be changed replaced,if necessary without wastng the whole magnifier

magnifyier lamp with base clamp/floor/table
Magnifier lamp main Featrues:
Magnification 3D5D8D diopter
lens diameter 5inch 127mm
with/without dust cover
brightness adjustable or none
body color white or black
Base desk clamp or floor type

magnification 3 diopter/5 diopter

Most of them have a dioptre number of 3 or 5 and depending on the lens the magnifier.Another important aspect you should consider is the size of the magnifier. Different lamps are offering different stages of magnifying, and the choice depends on the detail of the work as well as the size of it.

magifiying lamp lens diameter 5inch 6inch 7inch avaliable

The lens head can rotate left and right with 360 degrees and flip up and down 180 degrees
Soft cool bulb for natural color and shadow-free magnification
Power on and off switch
Articulated arm ,no visible springs, Hydraulic look
Conveniently adjustable height and arm for magnification in any position
The dimmable dimmer allows you to easily adjust the brightness level to achieve the perfect lighting for drawing, reading, arts & crafts, sewing, needlework, working, and studying.
Available body color in Black and White.

Magnifying lamp application

1 suitable for circuit board inspection, processing, installation at electronics industry. Electronic engineers to observe and test the micro elements, components of dense circuit board
2 suitable for engraving, fine operation and observation.
3 suitable for simple surgical operation. Enlarge the lighting for beautician and medical staff
4. circuit board test, stamp collector, infirmary, beauty parlor, reader, amateur, engineer.

magnifying lamp UV lightness ultraviolet led magnifier lamp application

1 inspection of banknotes (RMB, US dollar, HK dollar, Euro pound)
2 leak detection for air conditioning and vehicle circulation systems, special gases
3 oil and gas pipeline leakage inspection
4 inspection of the site of a systematic trail of bloodstains
5 hunting treasure hunting field exploration tool
6 antique appraisal, jade jewelry inspection
7 fluorescent reflection of special substances
8 Lure mosquito lamp to kill mosquito
9 scorpion lamp
10 UV glue curable nail lamp
11 sterilizing and sterilizing
12 plant growth
13 stage decoration
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