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eyepiece ocular lens to re-enlarge again the specimen image obtained magnified by objective lens, eyepiece with larger field of view and viewing angle magnification.
Microscope Eyepiece ocular lenses that a person uses to view a specimen. Most dissecting microscopes have two ocular lenses set at a magnification of 10×. However, you can increase the magnification of a stereo microscope simply by upgrading the ocular lenses. through which the real image forms an upright and magnified virtual image.Eyepiece is an integral part of the microscope. It is used to observe the optical system into an image of the visual optics. It is usually a combination of several lenses made with a larger field of view and perspectives magnification. Generally divided into Huygens eyepieces, wide-angle eyepieces, and other flat-field eyepieces. The function is to eliminate aberration, so that the image will be more clear.

icon glassess high eye point eyepiece ocular lens

The high eye point means that the eyes can see the image in the eyepiece even if the eyes are far away from the eyepiece. This kind of eyepiece is not only comfortable to look at, but also especially suitable for people who wear glasses.

WF wide field large field eyepiece ocular lens

Wide-angle eyepieces generally refer to eyepieces with a field of view exceeding 50°. These eyepieces all adopt a special structure and have a wide field of view, also known as wide-field or large-field eyepieces, with a large observation range. Therefore, the price is much higher than that of ordinary eyepieces.

So high eye point wide angle field eyepieces are better.

rubber eyeguard: eyegard can effectively prevent glasses from scratching the eyepiece lenses and protect the eyepieces. This rubber eyecup is foldable and suitable for WF10X, 15X, 20X multiples eyepiece.

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