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Electro Static discharge ESD safe ESD

(Electro-Static discharge) means “electrostatic discharge”. ESD is a discipline formed in the middle of twentieth Century to study the generation, harm and electrostatic protection of static electricity. Therefore, the international custom used for electrostatic protection equipment collectively referred to as ESD, the Chinese name is electrostatic impedance device.

ESD20.20 standard

ANSI/ESD S20.20:2007 is an accredited certification project officially launched by the ESD Association (ESD Association) in 2000. The association is made up of manufacturers and operators of electronic components. The main members include IBM, MOTOROLA and other companies. The OEM factories or suppliers of these companies must be approved by ESD S20.20 certification. In order to obtain and maintain the qualification of OEM and supply products.

Therefore,ESD20.20 can be considered as a buyer certification standard. For manufacturers of chips, electronic components, power supplies, converters, and display screens, ESD20.20 is similar to a mandatory certification standard to become a well-known brand supplier.

ESD Safety and Protection

Electrostatic discharge(ESD) will produce slight sparks, which we can hardly notice with the naked eye, but for precision electronic parts, chips, high-concentration dust, chemicals, and gas oil, it is huge enough to cause failure and explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to take various measures to eliminate static electricity in the workplace to avoid disasters.

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by any contact between them. For ESD protection, you need to wear ESD-Safe Apron, ESD-Safe Slippers, ESD-Safe Hand Gloves and Anti-static wrist strap. You must also work on a well grounded ESD Mat.

Combination of these three will make sure that no unwanted static electricity from your body is transferred to the gadget you are repairing. Remember that ESD protection is not required for your personal safety. It is for the safety of the electronic components on the logic board or the motherboard.

Electro Static discharge and ESD20.20 standard

Electro static discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact.
ESD stands for electrostatic discharge.
check our antistatic magnifying lamp.

Electro Static discharge ESD
Electro Static discharge ESD

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