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blog post news and technology of industry and company ningbo chutong electronics co ltd supply stereo zoom microscopes and accessories

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infomation of chutongelec technology of microscope industry
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blog news
blog news

information field: instrument components,microscope spare parts,lab and tools.

magnifying lamp ultraviolet uv light 400nm

magnifying lamp ultraviolet uv light 400nm

microscope c-mount and camera adapter

c-mout and adapter on microscope

china microscope accessories manufacture supplier

microscope accessories manufacture supplier china factory

microscope cameras C-mount 25.4mm 1 inch

microscope cameras C-mount 25.4mm 1 inch to microscope and USB output color image CMOS sensor

machine vision camera

machine vision camera,CMOS sensor USB 3.0

SWIR camera SWIR imaging

SWIR camera SWIR imaging,cmos sensor mono/ color 1300nm-4300nm none-visiable

industrial camera CMOS sensor color mono HD

industrial camera CMOS sensor color mono HD image vision cameras

microscope focusing bracket coarse fine adjustment

microscope focusing bracket,Other name focus mount, focus bracket, focus rack, focus block,focus holder,etc


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magnifying lamp led magnifier

Magnified led light adjusted the angle by extendable long arm and foldable, flexible swing arm.suitable for close work.

measuring microscope

Measuring microscopes combine an optical microscope with a table capable of precise movement to measure targets

how to use coarse and fine adjustment focus knob

focus knob raises and lowers the stage more rapidly and higher magnification

how to choose magnifying lamp magnifier light

choose magnifying lamp magnifier light

how to use auxiliary objective lens barlow lens

increase or decrease microscope magnification and its working distance

how to use led ring light microscope illuminator

how to install led ring light microscope illuminator

led ring light for microscope

microscope illuminator quadrant 4 segment 72mm

magnifying lamp accessories clamp base stand

magnifying lamp spare parts accessories

Magnifying lamp ultraviolet uv

magnifying lamp ESD UV anti static ultraviolet

ESD UV magnifying lamp
flexible wings /uv light version
ESD safe mode /led light source

trinocular microscopes

trinocular microscopes

trinocular microscopes

microscope stage 65

microscope stage

mechanical stage precision measurement stage

Microscope stand

microscope stand

microscope stand base of microscope boom track arculating pole base.

eyepiece ocular lens

eyepiece ocular lens


Led work light with clamp base

Led work light with clamp base

work light clamp base type

binocular microscope

binocular microscope two eypieces two lens

microscope with 2 eyepiece

stereo microscopes

stereo microscopes

stereo microscope chutong electronics

links SEO

Links SEO meta tag

friendly links

What is microscope

What is microscope

What is microscope 2022 definition parts functions body stand

Dual power stereo microscope

Dual power stereo microscope dual magnfication

Dual Power Microscope 2 levels dual magnfication

Upper and lower light source

Upper and lower light source microscope

top and bottomn lighting stereo micrsocope

Magnifying lamp Instruction manual

Magnifying lamp Instruction manual

Stereo Microscope dissecting microscope

Stereo Microscope three-dimensional image view

Microscope Illumination

Microscope Illumination Methods

Microscope Illumination Methods
illumination: incident light and transmitted light ,Darkfield illumination and Brightfield illumination

facebook username

How do I find my Facebook username?

Facebook username definition how to find and create

get quotation

get quotation leave online message

microscope head 45 inclined

microscope head

microscope head


News nav menu

diopter and magnification

Diopter and magnification

Diopter and magnification relationship

wordpress shortcode woocommerce shortcode

woocommerce shortcode wordpress shortcode

microscope illumination led ring light

microscope illumination

microscope fine and coarse focus mount

Fine focus adjust knob

magnifying lamp led magnifier

magnifying lamp 3 Diopter 5 diopter

microscope light source

microscope light source

microscope led light source

Microscope application

microscope application,Study on the animal science, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, geology, archaeology and dermatology.

wave length dispersive spectrum colors

wave length dispersive spectrum colors

different wavelength and color

stereo microscope accessories

Microscope accessories and spare parts function

Microscope accessories

Electro static discharge

Electro Static discharge and ESD20.20 standard

electrostatic discharge

reticle graticule

reticle graticule


Difference between digital microscope and stereo microscope

Digital microscope vs stereo microscope

digital microscope

digital microscope combined optic digital camera and computer

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